Care for the Mature Voice with Angie Reichenbach 1 & 2

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Do you want to sing forever? Do you have questions about physiological changes in your voice and what you can do about them?

Join dynamic vocal pedagogue and singer Angie Reichenbach for our special two-part program on the aging voice to understand your vocal changes, learn key strategies and exercises designed for older voices, and keep singing!

Find out what happens as we age and learn practical strategies to keep your voice healthy and strong. With Angie’s gentle and informative approach, you will find hope and joy in your singing again!

Attend Live or Catch up later via Video Recording

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Course 1 Topics:

  • Week 1: The Power in your Voice – breathing well in the aging body
  • Week 2: The Resonating System – your vocal folds, changing and reclaiming
  • Week 3: Your Larynx – keeping it relaxed and supple

Course 2 Topics:

  • Week 1: Posture and Breathing Capacity – reclaiming it as we age
  • Week 2: Vocal Folds and Flexibility – ‘golden ticket’ exercises to keep your voice young
  • Week 3: Freeing your Articulators – Overcoming changes in the jaw and tongue

Each session will explore:

  • What is happening physiologically as you age
  • What you can do to strengthen your voice
  • Tricks and Tips to a freer sound
  • How lifestyle choices impact vocal health

Registration includes:

  • Access to our Members page, with all materials and direct zoom portal
  • A Suite of Voice building Videos
  • Documentation on Angie’s Key Concepts
  • Access to our Video Archive of all live sessions


Course 1: A full-access digital course. Includes over 4 hours of live session recordings with Angie from the live January course, plus all Key Concept videos, downloads, and Angie’s tips and tricks!

Course 2: Live with Angie on Fridays, February 4, 11, 18
11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm EST / 3pm Atlantic / 3.30 NL / 7pm UK / 8pm CET
All sessions last 90 minutes

Testimonials: What Angie’s singers are saying

“Angie Reichenbach is a wonderful teacher. I thought that I would never be able to enjoy singing again. Angie understood my problems and she helped me to understand and overcome them. I cannot recommend her help and teaching highly enough.”
– Sue (private student)

“I am becoming an adoring fan of Angela Reichenbach. I have had formal singing lessons all my life. The last choir I was in also had the help of a physiotherapist who taught the boys cathedral choir in Guildford. What I’m trying to say is I think I know something about singing exercises. Well today I learnt a lot I didn’t know from Angie Reichenbach. Particularly helpful, how to focus on the muscles in the neck to become more relaxed.”
– Clare

“Wow, wonderful and just what I need now!”
– Stephanie

“Angie’s warm-ups have made such a difference to how quickly my vocal chords are ready for singing. Thank you again.”
– Carol

“For months it had seemed to me that singing was getting harder to do and more nerve-wracking to record. I thought it was just me – maybe I just need to try harder. When I understood Angie’s methods for voice and muscle relaxation, I was greatly relieved. In gratitude,”
– Linda

Fee includes access to a special Members Page containing a direct link to our live sessions, a video archive of live sessions, and all your course materials. 


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