Solfa Sight-Singing Bootcamp – Level 1 – Digital Access


Learn to Sight-Sing the Easy Way on Kathryn Whitney’s Solfa Sight-Singing Bootcamp!

What singers on our summer 2021 course are saying:

  • “This course is a revelation!”
  • “I had no idea sight-singing was so easy”
  • “I’ve tried multiple methods over many years and they have never worked. Using Kathryn’s method, I’ve started to hear sounds before I sing them for the first time!”
  • “A course unlike any others; highly recommend this course to any serious choral singers.”



Join conductor, clinician, and singing teacher Kathryn Whitney for the first in a two-part summer sight-singing series guaranteed to get the notes off the page and transform them into sounds in your head.

Using a unique method specially designed for adult choristers, singers learn how to sing tunes in the major scale at sight, how to predict melodic movement, and how to use their voice to tune easily with themselves and other singers.

Note: This course is all about hearing sound in your head, and is not a music rudiments class. All singers who cannot currently sight-sing well without an instrument or voice to support them will benefit and are very welcome.

How it works

  • Course membership gives you full access to the course content, which you access through your own Sing the North account
  • Access eight pre-recorded graded teaching videos with Kathryn Whitney that will get you hearing, singing, and recognising the major scale at sight
  • Access more than 25 Key Concepts Videos, which lay out the sight-singing method in carefully planned steps
  • Receive weekly Materials Worksheets to help you practice and improve your sight-singing at home
  • Special weekly challenges and ‘ear games’ to help you hone your craft
  • Option to purchase Add-On Singing Lesson 4-Pack at Special Solfa Discount for private coaching or technique related to the course.


Timetable: This is a digital course taught through pre-recorded videos and PDF downloads. Your membership gives you full access to all materials, which you can access at your leisure.

All are welcome!

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