How does it work?


SING THE NORTH runs a series of individual choral projects, each designed to showcase a different musical style or artist associated with a particular location across our vast and diverse land.

Singers are welcome to join us for one concert, or for all our concerts. Our diverse line-up of artists and ensembles will offer you the chance to sing in your favourite musical style, whether it be classical, indigenous, folk, or country. We hope you will also SING THE NORTH outside your musical borders. As a member of our choir, you can raise your voice in harmony with new artists and ensembles and in new styles that might seem foreign to you. 

Our projects

Some of our projects will showcase a composer and a piece of choral music, while others will take the form of a collaboration with our featured Guest Artist, who may be a solo artist, band, or ensemble.

All our projects will feature live warm-ups, rehearsals, workshops, and all will conclude with the Final Global Concert of a single piece of music. The concert will be either a live YouTube broadcast of a virtual choir video created from your submissions, or a live sing-along by you from home to a live internet broadcast from our Guest Artists. Some projects will feature both.

Virtual Choir Trip

Each project will also feature a virtual choir field trip to visit a scientific, cultural, or historic site associated with our Guest Artist or the song we are singing. These trips deepend our singing experience, and make us more connected, both to our land and especially to the people – friends we have yet to meet – who live, work, and make music there.

STN Feature Choirs

To celebrate the thousands of community choirs and vocal groups that making singing happen across our country, each project will also showcase a STN Feature Choir. Ensembles interested in applying to be an STN Feature Choir, please see this further information, below.



How do I join the choir?


To join the choir, simply register for one of our projects by clicking on a REGISTER NOW button on one of the projects on our X-Canada Tour, below.

Once you have signed up to sing, you are a member of SING THE NORTH. You will receive a welcome email from us with links to download your Project Pack.

The Project Pack will give you everything you need to sing in our concert. It will help you to set yourself up technically, to learn your music, and to make you feel at home in SING THE NORTH – the Canadian Virtual Choir.

Each Project Pack reflects the nature of the individual concert and its Guest Artist(s), so contents will vary. All project packs will include:


  • a welcome message and explanation of the project
  • a message from our Guest Artist(s)
  • a recording and/or video of the piece we will be performing
  • your free downloadable PDF of your score or sheet music
  • sound files to help you learn your part
  • a tech sheet to help you get set up for practice, rehearsals, and video/audio recording (if you wish)
  • our rehearsal timetable
  • direct links to our live online sessions
  • direct links to our shared online folder, where we store recordings of all our in-person sessions, so you can view them at your leisure outside the timetable.

Join us

Everyone is welcome to participate in our projects from home, wherever they may be across Canada or around the world.

We hope you will join us on our great musical odyssey from coast to coast to coast. SING THE NORTH welcomes you.