a choral improvisation


Join us for an improvisatory choral collaboration between SING THE NORTH and the Paramorph Collective, a project through which the choir will improvise an entirely new choral composition.

Taking place over the first three weekends in December, our PARAMORPH project features two exciting young Montreal-based composers Kim Farris Manning & An-Laurence Higgins. In a series of choral improvisation workshops, Kim & An-Laurence will guide our singers as they improvise their own entirely new choral material.

At the end of each workshop, our singers will submit their improvised music, text, and images to Kim and An-Laurence. Over the four weeks following our project, Kim & An-Laurence will create a new composition, inspired by and based on the ideas and music created by our singers. The new piece PARAMORPH will be premiered in January 2021.

Our PARAMORPH project offers singers the rare opportunity to be singer, composer, performer, and musical composition in one.

Project includes a virtual choir field trip to beautiful, Montréal, Québec one of Canada’s oldest cities, which sits on the banks of the mighty St Laurence River.

Come and make new music with us!


Cost: $24.99 per singer


December 5/12/19 (1.5-hour sessions) beginning at

1pm Pacific/ 4pm Eastern/ 5.30 NL/ 9pm GMT/ 10pm CET


A Word from Our Composers

Hi! We are Kim (top left) and An-Laurence, two composers who work together to create new works for voice and other instruments. 

We would like to invite you to take part in a very exciting and creative experience!

We are inviting you to create a collective piece of music, poetry, and visuals together.

Over the course of three weeks in December, we will explore different approaches to improvisation and creation together, so that you have the chance to add your own melodies, spoken word, rhythms, and visuals.

We will ask you to record your ideas and send them back to us, which we will then edit together – the final piece will be a musical, poetic and visual artistic piece that you will all have participated in to create!

Email us for any questions you might have: kfm.alh (at)

We look forward to singing with you!

Virtual Choir Field Trip

Every SING THE NORTH project features a trip in our virtual choir tour bus, a special session when we travel together as a choir to a different part of Canada to meet the people who live and work there.

For PARAMORPH, we will be travelling to one of Canada’s oldest cities, which sits on the banks of the might St Laurence River: beautiful and historic Montréal, Québec. Join us!