During December 2020, SING THE NORTH did something very special: we travelled virtually to historic Montreal, Quebec on the banks of the mighty St Laurence river to create a choral improvisation with the Paramorph Collective – two exciting young Montreal-based composers Kim Farris Manning & An-Laurence Higgins.

Singers joined us from across Canada, the US, the UK, Germany, and we were especially thrilled to be able to sing with a group of high school students from the Lyceo A. Volta in Torino, Italy.

In a series of choral improvisation workshops, Kim & An-Laurence led our singers to improvise their own vocal, visual, and written material.

The result was an entirely new composition/video installation:

“Suddenly I was alone / d’un tratto ero sola”

Our Paramorph project was a reminder to every participant that creativity lies dormant within each one of us.

When we come together to listen to and sing to one another, each of us becomes singer, composer, and composition, all rolled into one.

What will you create next? Carry the message of Paramorph with you and make your music, wherever you may be.

Virtual Field Trip

Montréal, Québec

Every SING THE NORTH project features a trip in our virtual choir tour bus, a special session when we travel together as a choir to a different part of Canada to meet the people who live and work there.

Improvisation Beneath the Surface

Our Paramorph project included a fascinating virtual choir field trip beneath the surface of the mighty St Laurence River.

Under the expert guidance of Dr Brian Hickey of the River Institute, we swam with migrating fish, followed the course of the river through the gargantuan Great Lakes waterway, and learned more about what we can do to protect this well-source of life and creative imagination.

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