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stn fridays logo 1Come into the Kitchen, bring your instrument, and pour yourself a drink. It’s time for STN Fridays!

STN Fridays is our casual Kitchen Party choir. We meet live for good old-fashioned knees-up in the Canadian folk tradition.

We sing sea shanties, folk, and pop music, and hold jam sessions. STN Fridays releases Kitchen Party Vids that you help create; download the video, add your part, and see where you go!

We hold one STN Fridays Kitchen Party on the last Friday of each month according to this Timetable. Sometimes the party is led by STN music director Kathryn Whitney, and sometimes by one of our choristers, or a Visiting Guest. We announce what we’re singing a bit before the event so you can take a look at the lyrics, but it’s just as fun to show up and sing-along.

These are one-off events, where we learn a song and then send you back out into the night.

Our first STN Fridays Kitchen party is on Stan Rogers’ famous tune, The Northwest Passage.

For NORTHWEST PASSAGE, we’ll meet in November to learn the song and come back in December to see what everyone has done with it.

Join us by choosing your price below and showing up on Friday. Or you can join us at a discount with an STN Fridays Season Pass!

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Starts November 26, 2021

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Meet Stan Rogers

A child of Maritime stock on both sides of his family, Stan Rogers was born in Hamilton, Ont. on November 29, 1949. He grew to be a big man-six feet four-built like a fire truck, and posessed of a voice that rumbled from his toes. He could bluff and bellow yet was at heart a poet and intellect who would, often as not, sneak away from a gathering to curl up with a book. He made friends and enemies easily, gaining the former for life and often, in time, converting the latter.

After some persuasion by his Aunt June in Canso Nova Scotia, he began to write songs about his familial home…his roots. Those early songs found their way on to Stan’s first album, Fogarty’s Cove, and he was on his way. From that point forward, Stan’s best writing was about the Canadian experience. His songs gave a new voice to ordinary folks who worked the fisheries, mines and farms of this vast country.

Stan was a passionate Canadian partisan, and much of his short creative life was taken up with song cycles that chronicled the East, the Plains, the West and finally the Great Lakes and Ontario. It was a natural progression for a wanderer…to scan a continent and finally return to write of the wonders of home.

Virtual Field Trip

Come in to the Kitchen Party!

There are no virtual field trips for our STN Friday projects, but we will take you to a different virtual kitchen every time we meet!

STN Fridays is our Kitchen Party Choir. We gather in the kitchen - just like you might in a good old Newfoundland knees-up, to eat, drink, and sing some favourite tunes.

Bring your instrument, pour yourself and drink, and follow along - or lead us!

All are welcome to sing along with us in the kitchen.

Then you can add your own voice to the shanty or folk song video we release after the party and share it with your friends once you've made your way back home.

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