STN Ice is our special chamber choir for exploratory singers. We meet live on some Sundays, some Saturdays, and Thursdays to sing cutting-edge choral music by Canadian composers. All are welcome. STN Ice projects result in audio recordings released with video elements. Join us by registering for a single project, or sing it all at a discount with an STN Ice Season Pass. Challenge yourself in this very special community of singers, which is guaranteed to take you somewhere entirely new.

  • Io, Io!
  • Snowforms
  • I Lost My Talk
  • STN ICE Spring Pass
  • All Spring Pass


R. Murray Schafer
Starts February 12, 2022

I Lost My Talk

Jeff Enns, poetry by Rita Joe
Starts April 24, 2022

Io, Io!

Jocelyn Morlock
Starts June 11, 2022

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