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stn ice logoTravel STN Ice to sing the sensational hymn to joy – Io, Io! by Vancouver composer Jocelyn Morlock.

This project is sung by STN Ice, the new exploratory choir in the SING THE NORTH family of choirs. STN Ice projects offer choristers the rare opporunity to sing some of Canada’s most innovative, exciting, and complex choral compositions.

Singers on our project will take weekly full-choir rehearsals and sectionals (all rehearsals recorded to watch at your leisure).

The project also features a live in-person interview and Q&A session with composer Jocelyn Morlock, PLUS a Field Trip on the STN Virtual Choir Tour Bus to the extraordinary city of Vancouver, where we will take a private boat tour of the Vancouver Harbour.

All are welcome to join us to sing Jocelyn Morlock’s stunning choral vision.

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Starts June 11, 2022

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Io, Io!

Io, Io! is an 10-part choral piece for SSATTBB voices with three soprano soloists. Published by Cypress Choral Music, the fantastic choral vision portrays the beautiful feelings of joys that we experience, from brief moments of delight to a more transcendent, spiritual peace.

The first section is a joyful celebration in an energetic, excited style, using an excerpt of Philipp Nicolair's In Dulci Jubilo.

Io, Io! / Eternally in dulci jubilo! / No eye has ever seen, / No ear has ever heard

Such joy as ours - such joy as our joy!

The second section is a loose translation of Nicolai's text that draws on 1 Cor. 2:9 in the Christian Bible - no one has seen or heard what God prepares for those who love him -these words are sung with increasing anticipation and hope.

The final vocalise, featuring a soaring exposition on the heights of human happiness by three soprano soloists, is an expression of joy.

Connecting the previous two ideas musically, the piece concludes with the suggestion that the joy that no one has yet seen or heard might be ours right now, connecting our fleeting joy living in the beautiful world to the joy of a perfect, eternal future.

Io, io! is dedicated to Paula Kremer and the Vancouver Cantata Singers with admiration and gratitude.

Text excerpted from Cypress Choral Music with thanks.

Meet Jocelyn Morlock

Jocelyn Morlock is a composer living in Vancouver, Canada, the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil Waututh First Nations. Her music is inspired by birds, insomnia, nature, fear, other people’s music and art, nocturnal wandering thoughts, lucid dreaming, death, and the liminal times and experiences before and after death.

Morlock’s international career was launched at the 1999 International Society for Contemporary Music’s World Music Days with Romanian performances of her quartet Bird in the Tangled Sky. Since then, she has been the composer of record for several significant music competitions, including the 2008 Eckhardt-Gramatté National Music Competition and the 2005 Montreal International Music Competition, for which she wrote Amore, a tour de force vocal work that has gone on to receive more than 70 performances and numerous radio broadcasts.

JUNO® Award-winning composer Morlock worked with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra as their first female Composer-in-Residence (2014-2019), after completing her term (2012-2014) as inaugural Composer-in-Residence for Vancouver’s Music on Main, co-host of ISCM World New Music Days 2017.

For the rest of what she calls the "boring-to-read yet impressive bio, in case such facts are necessary for anyone to listen to music" click the button below to...

Virtual Field Trip

Vancouver Harbour

Travel on the STN Virtual Choir Tour Bus with STN Ice to see the stunning city of Vancouver, which sits on the far Southwest corner of Canada.

Situated in a special corner between the Pacific Ocean and the towering Cascade Mountains, Vancouver's unusual skyline, which features ancient trees alongside modern skycrapers, is one of the most picturesque in the world.

Vancouver is a unique place - a thriving centre of culture and trade, a global centre of the film industry, and home to large populations originating in Europe, Indian, and Asia.

With Vancouverites able to sail on the ocean in the morning and ski snow-covered peaks in the afternoon, it is one of the world's great city playgrounds, where people flock from around the world to be outside, to breath the fresh Pacific air, and to eat cuisine from around the world.

Singers on our Io, Io! project with be spirited to Vancouver on the STN Virtual Choir Tour Bus, where we will take a special virtual boat tour of Vancouver Harbour, where we will get a seal's-eye view of the great city that is the gateway to the Pacific in the Northwest.

Join our Io, Io! project and travel with us to Vancouver! There is a special seat on our tourbus, just for you.

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