West My Friend


October-November 2020, Vancouver Island

SING THE NORTH’s second project was a collaboration with the Cascadian folk band West My Friend, who are based in Victoria, British Columbia, on the Southern tip of Vancouver Island.

Steeped in the visual styles of Western Canada, and with ten years experience playing and recording together, West My Friend recently released their fourth album, In Constellation, which was nominated for Independent Music Awards.

The songs of West My Friend are distinctive, poignant, and uplifting. They spirit us away, harnessing folk music’s unique power

For their collaboration with STN, West My Friend have written a new song, THIS TOO, which will receive its world premiere with our choir. A joyful, echoing, swaying song written by Eden Oliver especially for these strange and challenging times, West My Friend and SING THE NORTH sing about finding solace and hope, and continuing to live, after grief.

The final video of THIS TOO featuring West My Friend and SING THE NORTH is currently in production and will appear here as well as the STN YouTube channel.

Field Trip on the STN Virtual Choir Tour Bus: Vancouver Island

For our West My Friend project featured a very special field trip: we went Whale Watching with Captain Tom of Westcoast Aquatic Safaris off Tofino on Vancouver Island!